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We have advanced precision machining and testing equipment, including high-speed precision CNC machining equipment , wire walking, mirror spark machine, equipped with CAD / CAE / CAM design and manufacture of advanced systems, committed to the use of advanced technology , using high- precision machining equipment engaged in precision molds, precision injection molding, precision machining , the maximum for customers with a full range of quality services.

Project Management: We will make every effort to provide customers with the best quality service , each project will be someone to service , allowing customers to readily grasp the progress of the project to ensure the progress and quality of the project results beyond the customer wants .

Customer Protection :
1 , Product Quality :
① according to customer requirements , providing quality products materials.
② has advanced processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of the product.
③ all aspects of quality control, so that customer satisfaction is more than 99 %.

2 , product delivery : a powerful information system interconnect at any time to reflect production saturation and progress of the work of various departments to facilitate tracking and accurate control of the delivery.

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